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311 Design Contest - 2012 Unity Tour

311 Design Contest - 2012 Unity Tour
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311 Design Contest - 2012 Unity Tour
311 Design Contest - 2012 Unity Tour
Heather Pacheco got 2 designs chosen that made it into the top 20. I am so proud!
Below is the text from www.311.com June 2012
THANKS to everyone that participated in the 311 Design Contest. We received hundreds of designs making it very difficult for our panel to narrow it down to just a Top 28. Some designs while very cool may not have lent themselves as well to a t-shirt design. Below are our finalists.
Rate each image from 1-10 (10 being the best). Click on any image below to enlarge.
Give each design a number rating and then hit the Rate button. Then move on to the next design. You may want to preview all the designs first before casting your rates. You will only be able to rate each image once, so choose carefully.
The winning design will be sold on 311′s summer tour Unity Tour 2012. The winner will also receive 1 t-shirt with the selected design autographed by the band, 3 tee shirts for friends & a $311 check from 311.
Voting ends at 11:59PM PST on June 17th. The design with the most points at this time will be selected as the winner.

Good luck to the finalists and thanks to all the fans for casting your votes!

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